Argentine pilot captures two UFOs from the cockpitaircraft

Пилот частного aircraft в Аргентине утверждает, что ему удалось
to capture two unidentified flying objects moving closer to its
by airplane at a perilous distance. According to the man, he
quietly flew and filmed on the smartphone video from the cabin of the air
the vessel, when two dark UFOs, disc-shaped, flew in front of the sky
forms. The pilot was very surprised by this fact, as well as by the fact that
He was lucky to capture the “flying saucers” on the camera.

Prospective alien aircraft moved along
air at very high speeds. According to the aviator, they are twice
rushed in front of the plane in both directions, circled around,
after which they gained altitude and disappeared into the clouds. Skeptics are convinced
that they were birds, but the author of the video does not believe that much.
Argentinean sent the received entry to renowned ufologist Jason
Glives. The specialist carefully studied this material and reported:

Pretty hard to say with accuracy what it is. The form
objects, in my opinion, can be both disk-shaped and
cylindrical. Unfortunately, the quality of the original video is not enough
high for a more complete study of these mysterious frames. I
I think that we can hardly talk about birds, since these objects
they looked very different and moved with great speed.
In all likelihood, these were high-tech unmanned
devices. Maybe alien, and maybe earthly, say,

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