Argentine police photographedalien

A very curious snapshot has been leaked into the World Wide Web.
which is supposedly recorded by this representative
extraterrestrial civilization.

Allegedly, this photo was taken by employees.
Argentine Police. However, there is no evidence that
that it really is. In addition, the authenticity of the image
also causes many to doubt. At the moment the world
ufologists are studying all the materials on this case.

Anonymous user who posted a mysterious snapshot in
The Internet reports that a few days ago law enforcement officers in
Argentina received a mysterious call from unknown teenagers.
Young people reported that they were walking in the park and suddenly stumbled
on tall and thin humanoid creature. Scared youth
at the sight of this humanoid rushed away. Once outside
Park, young Argentines immediately allowed in law enforcement

The police considered the call a regular rally, but all
equally decided to check the situation. Order servants arrived at the park and
walked there for about half an hour, trying to see something unusual. AT
a certain moment in the dark between the trees seemed high
gray creature, fully fit the description of eyewitnesses.
The shocked guards of the law managed to take pictures once
предполагаемого alien, прежде чем тот успел стремительно
to hide.

Recovering, the Argentines combed the entire park area, but did not
found even traces of a stranger. However, to everyone’s surprise, the humanoid
well imprinted on the picture. To avoid ridicule colleagues
and not to question their competence, the police decided
post this photo on the web anonymously. Undoubtedly pictured on
His creation cannot be confused with anyone else. It is gray
an alien If this picture is not a fake, then it can be
about one of the most substantial evidence of presence on
our planet “green men”. Note as claimed
reputable ufological organizations, namely the police most often
send them reliable photo and video materials, while they themselves
for obvious reasons, try to stay in the shade …

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