Around the world in a strange way suddenly becameturn off electricity

Experts have long argued that modern systems
electricity supplies are very unreliable, they are especially vulnerable in the US, where
in this sector of the country’s energy supply global catastrophe may
happen even from a decent sun flare. However, this
electrical systems and many other highly developed
countries of the world.

However, for a long time all this remained only a theory, especially
there were no serious problems in power supply even in
United States. And recently began to occur
strange events concerning just electrical outages
systems. So, recently the power supply spontaneously turned off
almost half of Attica, then on many Greek islands. And
no apparent reason for equipment failure
still not found – fiction and only!

Did not pass the blackouts (accidents in power systems) and the USA, where
power supply suddenly cut off in the states of Utah, South and North
Carolina Suffered from such a mysterious accident and
city-state of Southeast Asia – the famous Singapore. And
in all of the above places, the power supply was suddenly interrupted
no apparent reason for the failure of the systems responsible for this

Officials and professionals working in this sector
yet do not give any comments about this, because
The reasons for failures are not clear and very mysterious. Naturally, all this gave
occasion to conspiracy theories build their fantastic theories ranging from
serious solar anomalies (because of what, they say, the world closed immediately
several observatories) before the machinations of enemies based on the use
recent advances in geoengineering (another weapon

However, ufologists sin on the fact that such failures could make
aliens that are easy (and most importantly, for no apparent reason, like
was in these cases) can disable any modern
hardware. If they for some reason decide to punish
humanity, the easiest way to start is with electricity.
It is likely that the aliens show us what they are
are able. Or, at least, turn off the electricity in order to
correcting some mistakes of mankind, preventing, say,
emerging catastrophes. It is possible, say independent
researchers that the authorities of the same united states or singapore
know well the true causes of such failures, however, hope for
what the general public also knows about this is simply
naive …

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