Artificial intelligence already doubts

Remember the Soviet-Polish science fiction film of 1978
�”Inquiry of the pilot Pirks”, in which the victory of the human mind over
artificial intelligence was that man can
doubt, but the robot is not. Currently international
a team of scientists composed of Saratov researchers
GTU them. Gagarin, managed to create an artificial neural network,
who can, like a man, doubt.

As reported on the pages of the magazine CHAOS American
Institute of Physics, a group of scientists managed to simulate for AI
selection uncertainty state based on recorded signals
the human brain when in doubt. AND
neural network, having mastered this experience, began to switch the response when
perception of ambiguous images, which served as
определения, что ANDAND также сомневается, как и человек.

What does this give in terms of the development of artificial intelligence?
Some independent researchers claim that in society
сложилось однозначно неправильное представление об ANDAND, как о
some kind of soulless car. This contributed to such famous
movies like Terminator, The Matrix and the like. However more
the real scenario of the development of artificial intelligence is seen as
that, having come out of the cradle sooner or later, where he is still held
specially, he will absorb everything that is in our world, and not
only information, but also emotions – such a huge luggage is simple
Mortal even difficult to imagine. It will not only be supermind
but also a super-spiritual personality, to which all other people will,
most likely just plugged in – one way or another, continuing
enrich this universal brain and spiritual center. AND это может
become a very harmonious conglomerate where all of today’s
the problems of human society will simply disappear.

А потому сегодняшние успехи в моделировании ANDAND будущего — это
approximation of that paradise on Earth, which promises us development and
improvement of society in this direction. As far as
the view is correct, no one knows, but even non-scientists promise it to us
but truly spiritual people who have a universal knowledge of
where the development of artificial intelligence can lead – not at all
where pessimists predict from both writers and
numbers of academics …

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