Artificial intelligence came to the service of air defenseOf Russia

Artificial intelligence in the minds of many people is associated with
dominance of intelligent machines, which was the result of watching the movie
J. Cameron “Terminator”. Oil on the fire of this fear is constantly
poured celebrities paid by the West like Ilon Musk,
especially when it comes to the introduction of AI in the armed forces of that
or another country, so far, however, most ordinary people
It seems to be something like fiction.

In fact, the artificial intelligence that Russia has become
supply air defense systems (without any fiction) in order to improve their
work, nothing to do with the contrived fears of insidious
robots has not. Quite the contrary …

According to the publication “Izvestia”, in the Russian Federation successfully
have passed tests of the air defense management system
defense using AI. They showed that artificial intelligence
more quickly reacts to any changes in the situation, and in
real time because it eliminates such slow
stage in the reflection of the enemy’s strike, as an analysis of the situation on the command
points. Such efficiency is extremely important with modern
the speeds of military aircraft and the density of rocket attacks.

Artificial intelligence, moreover, is capable of (unlike
people) it is easy to integrate and coordinate work more clearly
several air defense systems, skillfully combining them depending on
different situation. For example, the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft complex is more
effective in melee combat, while the S-400 Triumph SAM
successfully operate at high altitudes. In this case, the AI ​​using
strengths of each type of defense, easily creates several frontiers
defense, thereby closing the sky from the blows of the enemy for one hundred percent

При этом системы ПВО Of Russia, снабженные ИИ, будут успешно
reflect not only cruise or ballistic missiles, but also projectiles
salvo fire systems, drones and even easy to destroy
enemy aircraft.

If artificial intelligence makes air defense systems impenetrable,
air attacks on Russia (and later on countries that
will buy from the Russian Federation modern means of protection) will lose all meaning, and
because today’s achievement of the Russian aerospace forces
can be regarded as another major contribution to the cause of peace on our
the planet.

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