Artificial intelligence conquers itselfcreative space

Today, on the Internet, materials about
achievements of artificial intelligence and robots. One side,
they sort of take wages away from ordinary laborers, that is, bread
vital (no one has yet abolished unemployment), and with
another – they even burst into creative workshops: they write novels,
music, even paint pictures, not to mention the game of chess and so

This “and so on” is becoming more and more. For example, on
days, one of the western music bands (decided to stay incognito,
however, why – you will understand if you watch the video)
demonstrated a video clip that was shot artificially
by the intellect.

Its authors advise not to find fault with the song itself,
since in this case it was not shown her artistic
dignity, and the ability of the AI ​​to create under this or that musical
The composition is quite acceptable video clips. The musicians took advantage
latest developments and breakthroughs in this area, for example, in
image processing by artificial intelligence that
increasingly used to create those or other visual
special effects. For example, they used Neural Style
Transfer and Deep Dream AI algorithms, as well as the Optical Flow program,
capable of mounting, creating transitions between already processed

Note that Internet users are mostly negative
reacted to this “creativity” of AI, but many agreed that
in our crazy society and not so unraveled, for example,
the painting “Black Square” by K.Malevich and much more. Make it fashionable
over – and away we go. And the artificial intelligence itself is not
than, it can eventually be improved further on
actually create decent video clips, and not such a “terrible
kneading “something completely devilish …

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