Artificial intelligence constantly monitorsby all of us

It seems fantastic, but more and more artificial intelligence
covers people in the sphere of its influence – its analytical
analysis. And if you think that the observation in this case is
only for the powerful of this world and criminals, then you are deeply
are mistaken.

Yes, you are offspring, if you think that you are protected by your grayness,
mediocrity (no one needs). Even so, you are through
social networks, telephone conversations, numerous street and
office video recorders get into the network of artificial
intelligence in its database. Another thing is that this data about you
just stored “just in case”, and even if used,
only for creating effective advertising, preventing epidemics,
man-made disasters and so on.

Today, artificial intelligence is increasingly used precisely for
prevent tragedies such as terrorist attacks, unforeseen accidents,
large crowds of people and much more that can be in advance
to predict and predict, which means – to change for the better
the side.

Therefore, total surveillance of people with the help of modern means
communication and analysis of all this huge mass of information with
using AI, on the one hand, good, on the other – it allows
someone who has the levers of this surveillance in their hands, use them in
their own selfish purposes.

It scares many, especially businessmen, politicians, scientists and
other people whose success is often dependent on
secret information, fresh ideas, know-how, discoveries … Imagine
what are you working on, say, the invention of the perpetual motion or
even time machines, and at the same time someone constantly monitors you. AND
as soon as you reach a positive result …

ANDскусственный интеллект и Высшие силы

Is it possible? Scientists developing today
programs of monitoring people using artificial intelligence,
claim that it’s too early to fear such total surveillance,
все-таки ANDAND — это вам не Всевышний, без ведома которого не упадет и
hair from a human head, according to believers. But here’s what
surprising, say the same developers of all the great features
artificial intelligence, even if you take deeply religious people,
who are convinced that their every breath is controlled by higher
forces, for some reason they are not too upset about this.
Moreover, they constantly commit unseemly acts against the background of
such “impeccable and comprehensive control”, although it’s beautiful
aware of the inevitable punishment for it. AND тем не менее, даже они,
when they learn about total surveillance by modern, quite
реальных ANDAND, впадают в отчаяние (или негодование, кому что больше

It seems to be a paradox, but how do you think, what’s the matter? ..

It seems to me, writes one of the users of the English segment
ANDнтернета, религиозные люди (в большинстве своем) не особо верят в
God and reward for their sins. On the other hand, do not confuse
control by the Almighty with the control of the same people (avid,
vicious, weak, greedy, cruel, and so on), only dressed
by authority. Probably each of us intuitively understands this difference and
потому пугается контроля со стороны ANDAND в руках этой элиты. But
God’s control is perceived normally, because He
even if he sees our fall, our sins, he will understand and forgive everything. BUT
вот человек (и созданный им ANDAND, как порождение Дьявола) — ничего не
will understand and in no way forgive. AND ад может устроить еще здесь
on Earth for such “sins”, and such that not only
will seem …

Here is an opinion. Do you agree with him? ANDли у вас есть свое?..

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