Artificial intelligence in 4 hours of training has becomethe best chess player on planet earth

New artificial intelligence in just 4 hours of training has become
the best chess player on earth!

And remember, what a sensation did chess in 1996
supercomputer “Deep Blue”, winning the first batch of Russian
champion Garry Kasparov? Despite the fact that our compatriot
nevertheless won in this game, already then it became clear that
artificial intelligence is rapidly progressing and someday
charmingly will be the best chess player, after which people will
useless to play with the program. The only question that remained was when
will happen.

Representatives of the famous corporation “Google” said that
the time has finally come. According to experts, developed
in them, the “AlphaZero” neural network in just 4 hours of self-training has evolved
in the most masterly and impeccable chess player for the whole
story of this game. Heavy duty artificial intelligence trained
playing chess, knowing only its rules. Having played 4 hours with myself
himself, the robot has learned to play perfectly, easily defeating chess
the program “Stockfish”, which was previously considered the most perfect.
Computers held 100 batches – AlphaZero managed to win 28 of
them and draw in the remaining 72. Advanced neural network that simulates
work of the human brain, is able to risk and even use
a kind of intuition.

Dreaming about the victory over artificial intelligence is no longer
have to

Earlier AlphaZero models were trained in the game, watching live
chess players. The developers assumed it would help
artificial intelligence to better understand the strategy of the game. On the very same
It turned out that observing people only slows down the development
programs. When the neural network was left to itself, its abilities
soared to the skies. Now Google’s engineers are thinking about how
apply such technologies for the real benefit of humanity,
since the chess game, even the most virtuoso, does not have
applied purpose.

In 1968, the famous Scottish chess player David Levy concluded
betting that in the next decade no one will beat him
program. All this time the grandmaster constantly competed with
different chess computers and every time won them. AT
1978 he defeated the strongest program at that time
�Chess 4.7, winning the bet. Unfortunately, nowadays so interesting
there will be no fights anymore – now we only have to learn about
how one fantastic neural network defeated another. Alive
chess players cannot even dream of victory over such monsters.
And this is only the beginning of such AI victories over man …

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