Artificial intelligence is already creating chocolate,with the “taste of time”

This creative news will be most interesting to those who love
sweets and especially – based on chocolate. However, she can
to intrigue and even surprise everyone who is interested in success
artificial intelligence.

We have already written about these achievements more than once, for example, how AI
create music, paint pictures, write novels, it is quite possible, even
implicated in the emergence in our world of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (not
excluded), participate in various games and even help to find
criminals. But the company NEC Corporation has attracted
artificial intelligence to create a unique chocolate “with taste

How is this possible, every reasonable inhabitant of our planet will ask,
what taste can time have? But do not rush to conclusions
and skeptical remarks. The fact is that before the AI ​​was
The task is to create different types of chocolate
the basis of the associations that give rise to certain important events of the XX
century. The machine received the task to correlate the taste it creates
product with certain words that characterize certain
события прошедшего century. For example, the sweet taste associated with AI
development and achievement in all spheres of human activity,
let’s say with the growth of the economy, culture, living standards, and bitter
– with anxiety, grief, tragedies and so on.

The result was five different varieties of chocolate products.
joint efforts of the neural network and chocolatier. The most interesting of
they, according to tasters, turned out to be a product with a taste of disembarkation
of the man on the moon in 1969 and the taste of the Japanese “economic
bubble “1980.

One of the participants of this tasting admitted that the taste
the economic collapse turned out to be the most difficult and impressive
because it showed an amazing mixture of bright bitterness and
some reassuring thrill …

As reported by the media, chocolate “with the taste of time” will be available
on the eve of this Christmas, starting December 21st. Everyone
can acquire and try not only the unique creation of AI, but
and touch the fantastic taste delights that are real
confectioners did not even dream.

By the way, we add that in one of the most intriguing versions, the word
�”Chocolate” is of Indian origin. Mayan tribe allegedly called
this product is xocolatl, which meant bitter water. Apparently lived
Indians are not sweet if they made chocolate only bitter …

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