Artificial intelligence is already showingabstract thinking

Despite serious and far from unreasonable
warnings of some scientists about the dangers of AI, others
researchers continue to improve robots. According to the magazine
Science, artificial intelligence has recently demonstrated
abstract thinking, свойственное только человеку, выиграв в покер
the professionals in this game are two million dollars.

Here is how one of the developers of “poker
Player ”Libratus Noah Brown (Carnegie Mellon University in

The difficulty of playing Texas Hold’em is precisely that
that everyone sitting at the poker table, including the robot,
little data. AI, like other players, could only use
the fact that he has “on his hands” – the rest is in the ability
analyze everything, including behavior
rivals. BUT это практически abstract thinking, присущее только
man At least, it was thought so before …

This was made possible by the fact that the developers Noah Brown and
Tuomas Sandholm invested in their system Libratus ability
analyze the moves of opponents, and the most unexpected, which
did not correspond, for example, to the AI ​​representation of the game scenario. BUT
The successful moves were immediately recorded by the robot in the “strategy bank”.
Thanks to this artificial intelligence, we managed to beat the most
experienced players Don Kim, Jimmy Chow, Daniel Macowley and Jason
The woods. Having won two million dollars, the Libratus system left
rivals only 200 thousand dollars – 10 percent of the prize

And this is not the first AI record, for example, most recently the system
AlphaGo Zero beat the best European chess player, as well as
the strongest bot in Japanese chess, spending on training only 4

Interestingly, here is another statement by Nov Brown:

Do not think that Libratus is exclusively “talented”
poker player, ability to think abstractly for AI is an opportunity
using it in various spheres of human activity, where
you need to take not only fast, but also intuitively unique
solutions. It is believed that only a person possesses this, taking such
solutions almost from the Universe Data Bank. But is it? On
in fact, the “insight” of a person is akin to the ability to quickly analyze
previous experience and isolate from it the best for this situation.
Libratus can do the same, only much faster and
more correct. That’s all…

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