Artificial intelligence is already talented.creepy stories

I heard the voice of my dead mother from the darkness. She is desperate
screamed, “Lord, please stop hurting me! Leave
I’m alone, I don’t want to stay here anymore! ”I raised in horror
head and for a split second saw her, or rather her bottomless black
eyes looking at me straight from the canvas …

This is by no means an excerpt from Steven’s new master of horror novel.
King, and the beginning of the “scary” story, invented by advanced
artificial intelligence. A program called “Shelley AI”,
functioning on the basis of neural networks, imitates human
creative thinking and composing a full-fledged work in the genre

And she composes it rather slowly, giving out only
one to three sentences per hour. Complex deep learning algorithms
allow the machine to create a full logical story that
it is almost impossible to distinguish from a penned story
a talented writer (we will not compare with geniuses yet).

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology “fed”
Tens of thousands of literary works in the style of “horror”:
starting from the recognized classics like “Dracula” by Bram Stoker and
ending with the most interesting amateur stories,
written by Internet users.

Artificial intelligence got acquainted with other people’s creativity and began
create your own, inventing unique characters, entourage, plot
turns and things like that.

What do you think: is it creativity or talented

On the one hand, an ordinary writer seems to create his own
works, also based on the information he received in his life:
on your life experience, accumulated knowledge from books, movies, through
live communication with other people, and so on. In this case
man with an AI who is able to swallow the same and even
significantly more information fantastically fast and which
practically does not know the problems with pulling it out of his memory,
it seems even pointless.

But on the other hand, what is creativity? Why is the same Stephen
King creates such unique horror films, which even in the head can not
come to a normal person? Where does he get these brilliant plots,
images, incomprehensible to the mind details, really also compiling and only
skillfully processing the accumulated information? And how in this
case of being with the Yalta girl-poetess Nika Turbina, who
in early childhood I began to write simply brilliant, and
too mature poems without having any life experience for
of this? And in general – is artificial intelligence capable of poetry?
Will those injected into his memory help him in this unique work
tens of thousands of volumes of poems of genius poets? ..

Interesting questions are set before us by AI, isn’t it? And this is already
today, and what about tomorrow? ..

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