Artificial intelligence will lead to deathclass officials

It’s no secret what a brake on modern society
represent the officials with their main task – to create the appearance
work and at the same time get maximum benefits from it. But it seems that
disease of modern society comes to an end.

How? Scientists predict that the computerization of society
and the development of artificial intelligence will lead to the fact that
officials, as a class, will simply become extinct – they will not be needed, their
will replace computers and cars. That’s what it says
for example, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of Russia Alexey

I think that by about 2025 in our country in
three main components which are today will be gone
a great brake on progress: officials, papers and delays in
decision making. Translation of legislation into machine readable code
allows fast, without paperwork and human factor
make decisions on any matter. Eliminating only human
factor, you can permanently free yourself from such vices of society as
bribery, all sorts of “kickbacks”, red tape, lobbying and so
Further. In addition, all this will be done without papers in
online mode that will eliminate most artificially
created delays.

By the way, this is how researchers predict this phenomenon
will extend to all stages of the governing mechanism
society, and therefore, ultimately, should lead to the death of
class officials в целом. After all, artificial intelligence is not necessary
neither bribes nor delays in making decisions, he is not subject to failures,
let’s say, because of a bad mood, with a hangover, etc.

However, skeptics do not share the optimism of supporters
artificial intelligence introduced into the control system. By their
officials are the indestructible class of human society,
therefore they will do everything possible (and even the impossible) to
subdue artificial intelligence. Break officials not
even Stalin managed with his iron will, bestial instinct and
fantastic foresight, for which reason it is even called
man of the future.

Well, wait and see …

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