As a result of the displacement of lithospheric plates in Kenyaa huge crack formed

According to the Daily Star, in East Africa happened
earthquake, the consequences of which are difficult to estimate. The thing is
that the shaking of the earth itself was only the result of a shift
lithospheric plates, which is why Kenya was formed
a huge crack, which seriously worries both scientists and officials,
and, most importantly, the people of this country themselves.

This is what one of the leading experts says about this.
Kenya on this issue geologist David Ahede:

This is the great rift of the earth’s crust, and it literally tears up Africa on
two parts. We have already established that the Somali lithospheric plate
moved away from the other Nubian slab by about 3
centimeter. This is a very serious call. If movement
tectonic plates continue, they will tear themselves apart and
Africa will literally crack. Currently, scientists are
the main task is to thoroughly investigate the terrain in order
decide where to build houses (instead of destroyed ones), how
to restore the road.

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