As a rich man of the Middle Kingdom wanted to make happycountrymen, yes he did not work out of this venture

China’s billionaire Chen Shen, who grew up in the poor village of Guanhu
Guangdong Province, decided to make his countrymen happy
improving their current housing situation. To this end, the rich man
China intends to build near the village of modern
village with three-storey cottages, in which not
only all the necessary amenities, but also comfortable accommodation in terms of
useful area for each of the 190 people who were counted in
his native village at the time of the start of this company.

However, soon after learning of such a generous gift from
a wealthy fellow villager, in the village of Guanhu became massively
return those who once left their homeland. Had to
billionaire allocate additional funds and build another 68
mansions. And it did not bother the good Samaritan,
who apparently never heard an oriental wise saying: that
do not make a man bad, never do him anything

With big problems, Chen Shen encountered just when,
it would seem that everything was already done and you can celebrate the victory of good
and justice. The most interesting thing started exactly from the moment
completion of the construction of the village and the beginning of the distribution of living space
among the villagers. What began here – in words and not pass!

Guanhu villagers were unable to distribute between
a built cottages. Someone demanded that he
a large family and all children are already large, that is, they are about to create their own
families, and therefore they need several houses, someone believed that the most
it is fair to divide not by heads, but by age, because
old people left to live is not so much, and so on and so
like that

The unfortunate billionaire is so tired of all this absurdity, that already
no longer appears in the village. And the settlement built by him is worth it.
uninhabited since no Guanhu dweller received
documents, allowing him to enter the new apartment. But after all
A generous philanthropist, we note, was still planning to build
a pig farm in order to provide fellow villagers with work …

The new village is gradually deteriorating, its home
dilapidated and also suffer greatly from petty hooligans and vagrants, and
the villagers of Guanghu cannot share how much
owed a new home …

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