As an Englishman briefly “failed” inpast

Попасть в past или будущее – это может случиться, как
it turns out with each of us. Moreover, one must assume
cases happen to people a lot more often than we can afford
imagine. Just most of those who are experiencing such
interesting experience, often keep quiet about him, for fear of ridicule,
disbelief from others and much more, let’s say, more
will be considered crazy …

Just something similar happened to Englishman Peter.
Williams, who, unlike many, told his story
Internet users, thereby confirming the guesswork of independent
researchers that dips in time as transitions into
parallel worlds are commonplace in our world. In that
there is nothing unnatural, another thing is that orthodox
science is only on the approaches to all this, and therefore
more trying to this topic simply does not affect.

But what the British himself tells about what happened to him:

I just fell into a strong thunderstorm that day, and, as I
analyzed it in hindsight, during that thunderstorm, I seemed to be
I found myself in a very strange place. Then I was struck by lightning …

When I woke up, again, miraculously managed to get to
the highway, where the driver picked me up and then delivered to
hospital. There I lay only a couple of days, after which I was discharged
home. It turned out that I do not have for this normal
clothes (the former due to lightning and my other misadventures came
out of order). Since I was a lonely person, and a mobile phone,
as it turned out lost, some clothes were lent to me by my neighbor
hospital bed.

Returning home and, naturally, dressed, I headed
again to the hospital to return the clothes to the young man yes and
thank the medical staff, even bought flowers on the way
to this end.

But … everything was different at the hospital, and the medical staff is different.
Moreover, no one here remembered me, and my case was not even
registered. There was no good neighbor, and the clothes that I
I wanted to return to him, as it turned out, had not been released in England for years

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