As animal welfare law turned bear cubs into�”Mama’s sons”

According to Nature, there is a law in Norway
according to which hunters do not have the right to kill a bear if
she with a teddy bear. It has been a certain time since accepting this,
in general, humane legislation, and scientists observing
the behavior of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in the country has become
notice weird things.

First, bears gradually increased the custody period by half.
cubs (on average from one to two years), why youngsters
becomes “mama’s boy”, that is, less adapted
to the harsh life in nature. Secondly, reproduction has declined.
animals as bears while they care for cubs are not

It turns out a very interesting picture, the researchers write:
man in the desire to protect nature from himself
dealt her another damage.

By the way, we add that in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after
accidents, to the surprise of scientists, animals not only were not affected by
radiation, and, on the contrary, began to fruitfully multiply and develop:
new species of wild animals appeared here that have long been destroyed
people in these parts, and all living creatures literally “bloomed” and
�”Has become more subtle”. But the reason for this metamorphosis lies not in radiation, but in
that the person in the area has ceased to interfere in
nature, gave her the opportunity to develop as she wants and knows how.
And no radiation in this case is a hindrance (as long as there is no
human) for the successful development of all types of animals and

The example of the Norwegian bears, which leads the journal Nature,
practically proves the same thing, only as if from the reverse,
when a person constantly makes changes in the world around, even
sometimes not realizing how one or another of his actions will affect
nature. For example, here’s what John Swenson writes about –
Researcher at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences:

In Norway, you can now meet the female Ursus arctos with
bear cub four times more often than alone, if you compare this
figure, say, with the nineties of the last century. And especially
this is striking in areas where traditionally most often
shooting of these animals is conducted. It turns out that bears are intuitive
(or consciously) understand how you can protect yourself from people
using their own laws. However, nature as a whole from this only
suffered …

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