As at the beginning of the last century, the inhabitants of the earthrepresented our modern society

People just crave to look into the future, and not only with a view to
practical benefits for themselves, most often – just from

This quality of a person, as a consumer of goods and services, in
the beginning of the last century took advantage of the German company that produces
Hildebrand’s Chocolate She started selling her product with
illustration-predictions: what will society be in a hundred
years old.

A total of 12 pictures were released (one for each year), which
brought the company additional income because its chocolate has become
to be in high demand just for the reason that
buyers were interested to know how their descendants will live, then
we are with you.

We invite you to get acquainted with amazing creativity
science fiction artists of the time because it is not easy
interesting, but also informative: after all, many figures today
arts ranging from artists to filmmakers
offer us their vision of the future, say, through the same one hundred
years old.

Wouldn’t it be as naively funny as
by Hildebrand’s? And it may be completely embarrassing, because
the development of society, as many have long noticed, is rapidly
is accelerating. We are not talking about the fact that these “funny pictures”
can get into the cave to a stone age man who with
bewilderment will look, say, on the image of the American
F-35 fighter, trying to understand what kind of beast is depicted on this
picture. And such a scenario, unfortunately, may well be …

However, we look and are amazed, and maybe even regret or
rejoice (to whom that is closer), that not everything has come true, of which it was so dreamed
at the beginning of the last century …

Please note that our ancestors dreamed of personal
aircraft, which we have not achieved so far.

By the way, airships, including personal ones, could well have been
to be a reality in our time, if in manufacturers competition
aircraft at that time did not win the supporters

But the x-ray for the police looks too primitive.

As, however, and the prototype of the modern TV (computer), with
which you can watch at home live broadcast not only
theater performances – almost anything.

The idea of ​​the city under the roof of our ancestors was, though
naive but very encouraging: we did not live up to these hopes,
apparently, they have not yet reached them …

But moving houses with steam locomotives looks like

And although we still do not have underwater tourist ships,
this is quite possible at the level of modern technology, but … a game
not worth the candle. Not worth it yet …

But our ancestors presented personal walks on water
somewhat differently than we have in reality. How much better
or worse – judge for yourself.

A hybrid train-ship is, of course, cool, but society is not
I saw this as necessary, and so it still somehow costs
without such machines. Yes, and carry out this – still from the field

But the car that creates good weather, we seem to have
we have. Only in our time it is called somewhat differently.
climate weapon. Alas…

There are still no excursions to the North Pole, as well as to Antarctica.
and in the next hundred years is not expected …

And finally, the moving sidewalk, which is commensurate with modern
stairs and platforms – escalators. Not all the way I wanted and
I saw it, but … once again we smile, and maybe even brush away a tear from
eye and … close another page of our history.

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