As Carl Edon proved to the world that reincarnationis real

Carl Edon was born in 1972 in the English city of Middlesbrough. IN 3
years he began to tell his parents how he served as a pilot
fighter aircraft in nazi germany. Father and mother boy
They were amazed, because they didn’t speak about the Second
World War not a word. To read the child did not know how, but the TV in
there was no house. Where did he learn about the largest in human
history of armed conflict, and with such details?

Little Carl told his family how he crashed his favorite plane, and
I finished my words with a Hitler greeting. The boy said that
he was shot down in 1942 during a flight over England. Besides he
constantly painted swastikas, runes of the SS and German crosses. And that’s all
at the age of three! Soon the father of our hero seriously
became interested in the stories of his son and began to investigate them. When he
asked the offspring, as before, Carl replied that his
they called him Henry, and his father Frederick.

At 6 years old, the Englishman drew a detailed design plan.
single-engined piston fighter-nizklana «Messerschmitt
Bf.109 ”, on which he allegedly flew in the Luftwaffe. Then him
parents are already puzzled in earnest and began to fully believe the words
son When the TV appeared in the house, Karl once watched
transmission about the Holocaust and said that he suddenly remembered one fact: his
the base was located not far from a certain concentration

He then declared that he had lost his right leg during a crash.
the aircraft. Surprisingly, he had on his right leg near the groin
a large birthmark that surrounded the entire thigh. But on this
the oddities didn’t end. The boy, surprisingly, was nothing like
externally at their parents. One would think that his
changed in the hospital, but it was impossible. Mother gave birth to Carl
at home and from the first days I took care of him myself, without giving

The sad continuation of the story of Carl Edon and Heinrich

In 1997, something incredible happened. Near the road
Tilbury Road in Middlesbrough was discovered the site of the collapse of the Nazi
the aircraft. The skeleton of the pilot was removed from the remains of the fighter. Them
turned out to be a Luftwaffe pilot Heinrich Richter. During the fall he
lost his right leg and died probably from blood loss. Local
historian and supporter of supernatural theories remembered the story
Carl Edon, who then could already be 25 years old, and compared
appearance of men. External similarity of the deceased Englishman and German
turned out to be astounding.

Sadly, two years before the discovery of a Nazi plane
Carl was brutally murdered. Working on the railroad, he underwent
assaulted by his colleague Gary Winter, who served more than one term
in prison. The killer hit Edon 37 times with a knife. Now the criminal
serving a life sentence for the murder of his spouse.

The 23-year-old Karl at that time had a pregnant wife and
22-month-old daughter Sophie. Two months after the murder of his spouse
gave birth to the second girl. Before his death, our hero went to
Skinningrov to pick up parts for the train. Exactly 40 years
before that, on the same day, Heinrich Richter died returning to the Third
Reich after dropping a bomb on Skinningra. Simple coincidence or
something more?

Many people, convinced that Karl really was
reincarnation of the fascist pilot, do not believe in such a coincidence. They
believe that Edon died for a reason – he paid for his sins
from past life. English railway worker and German
military pilot died literally a few meters from each other with
a difference of exactly 4 decades.

If this story is not able to convince the materialists in reality
reincarnation – the resettlement of human souls, then we do not know what
think: apparently, materialistic thinking is a long time …

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