As in the Norwegian lighthouse burned downmoth monster

Very amazing story published in May 1992
famous American tabloid “Weekly World News”. Newspaper was
incredibly popular due to the fact that its pages
told a great many stories about the supernatural and
unexplained phenomena. Due to the fact that prove the reality of such
paranormal journalists sometimes could not, many belonged to
publication skeptical and scornfully called him “yellow
the press.

Nevertheless, they are not in a hurry to dismiss this story, as
obvious fiction and fake. Many famous cryptozoologists
considered that the events described below could well have taken place in
of reality. This story looks too plausible.
for a frank fake. Moreover, there are indirect scientific
evidence that all this really happened. Mysterious
the story gained a peculiar cult status and was many times
reprinted and also added to various collections and encyclopedias
about monsters.

The appearance of a monstrous moth

So, the staff of Weekly World News wrote that in January 1992
year moth colossal size, which had a wingspan of at least
10 meters, flew up at night to the existing coastal lighthouse and burned
in him. �”Like a mole crashing into a street lamp light bulb,” spent
analogy is the only eyewitness of the amazing incident. it
happened near the Norwegian city of Bodo in the region of Salten for
Northern Arctic Circle.

Karl Friedensen, who worked in the 90s as a keeper of this lighthouse,
first took a huge fantastic monster for the plane. When
Norwegian realized that this is not an aircraft, but a flying
a living thing of inconceivable size, a man froze from
an inordinate horror, not knowing what to think.

Of course, it could not be a plane, told reporters
anxious witness. The plane wouldn’t flap its wings and
rush from side to side in the spotlight. But my brain
just could not at first admit that it was a moth with
wingspan, like an airplane.

Friedensen told me that he was at that moment at the foot
towers. From the darkness of night suddenly appeared a giant winged
a creature that began to rush furiously in the light of the lighthouse. AT
eventually a monstrous moth crashed into an electric
radiator. The blow was so strong that the lighthouse keeper
it seemed like an intense quake had occurred, and now
an earthquake will begin. Karl hurried up the screw
the stairs.

Seen there literally shocked the Norwegian. Kriptid,
broke the powerful glass of the Fresnel lens, turned out to be hot
electrodes and burned alive, ending in charred dust.
The stench was so strong and caustic that our hero almost
lost consciousness.

it напоминало сцену из какого-то фильма ужасов. A stink
was just unbearable. I held my breath and the bullet rushed down,
to fresh air, Friedensen recalls.

Where did the monster come from?

The lighthouse, of course, was quickly repaired and cleaned from the remains.
the creature. However, Karl managed to take samples of the burnt monster and
sent them to entomologists. Researchers conducted a thorough analysis.
tissues and concluded that they really belonged to the unknown
representative of the order Lepidoptera. However, determine which
it was not possible. ATыслушав рассказ Фриденсена,
surprised scientists suggested that the moth flew here from
South American virgin forests that were not yet fully
studied. ATозможно, такие диковинные существа обитают именно в
impassable jungle, where no man has gone before.

There are other interesting versions of the origin of the cryptide. Alone
Experts believe that the monster moth was
mutant. Others suggest that it is a creature of
parallel world – about the legendary man-moth. According to
third, it was a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization or even
Organic Alien Flying Saucer. The fourth tend to
opinion that the culprit is secret government experiments on
living beings. Aloneм словом, любопытных теорий имеется вагон и
a small cart, however, it is impossible to say anything with precision.
Maybe someday such a monster will reappear in Europe, and this
can you catch him alive?

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