Asocial Spaniard for almost 30 years pretendedblind not to communicate with others

The pretty 58-year-old lady in the photo above, who lives in Madrid,
name is Carmen Jimenez. 29 years ago she seriously injured her head and
completely blind.

At least that’s how our heroine spoke throughout
the last 29 years to others, including their close relatives. On
In fact, the Spaniard has a healthy vision, but not too much
to put it mildly, loves people. To the surrounding smaller
interacted with her and bothered her, the woman was pretending
disabled person.

Only recently, she confessed to her family that she sees everything perfectly,
plunging his family into unprecedented shock. However, our relatives
the heroines and previously guessed: something was wrong with her condition.
Spouse Spaniard told reporters that when Carmen painted for
in the morning, she put makeup on her face suspiciously smooth, never
without asking anyone for help. And in the evenings, when the family gathered in
Jimenez often squinted at the TV screen, as if
furtively watched him. However, until recently, a woman
I didn’t admit that everything was in order with her eyesight.

It’s hard to imagine that a man for almost three decades
imitates blindness just to be left alone. Carmen told
newspaper reporters:

By 1989, I was so tired of human persistence and
nonsense that she decided to pretend to be sick. Just then I fell from
bike and hit her head hard. Doctors said that if
the blow fell on the back of my head, I could go blind forever. In that
it dawned on me: I have to tell everyone that I’m really
blinded! After being discharged from the hospital, I told my relatives exactly that way.
She said she didn’t want to deal with doctors and that no one else would
talked to me about the hospital. You have no idea how
good to walk down the street without having to say hello to everyone
familiar. I’ve always been an uncommunicative person, and I’ve been
I wanted to find a way to get rid of many social obligations.
Some of the people, like me, really want to contact
with others as rarely as possible.

Now Jimenez will not only have to explain to all his friends and
friends, why she refused to greet them last 29
years, but also solve problems with the law. The fact is that Carmen
received all this time, assistance from the state because of her imaginary
disability. How she managed to cheat the doctors and
officials, history is silent, but now local authorities are very
angry with such news, and the case clearly goes to trial. Sama carmen
Jimenez doesn’t care much about it …

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