Assigned a reward of 12 thousand dollars forproof of the existence of supernormal abilities

The German Society for the Study of Paranormal Sciences has appointed
награду за proof of the existence of supernormal abilities у
person Anyone who will demonstrate to scientists some
amenable to rational explanation, guaranteed to be
paid an amount of 12 thousand dollars.

Psychologists, physicists, biologists and other specialists have already taken in
The University of Würzburg has over 60 individuals attributing to themselves.
paranormal qualities. Some of these candidates argue that
able to read other people’s thoughts. According to others, they possess
telekinesis, that is, they can only interact with matter
by force of will, without touching this or that thing. If you believe
third, they easily predict the future.

Alas, none of the volunteers have yet managed to convince
orthodox scholars in their anomalous abilities.

For example, a participant in an experiment who claims that he can see
the future, correctly guessed the result of the fall of the coin only in 19
cases of 50. An individual who considers himself endowed with telekinesis,
I could not move the feather inside the glass
the boxes. And a woman who tried to change the composition of water by force of thought
The glass, and not achieved the desired. This was confirmed by laboratory
analyzes of water before and after the German interaction with her.

Research author Rainer Wolf believes that the majority of these
people are really convinced they possess
supernatural powers however they are deeply
are mistaken.

Meanwhile, many Internet users write that real
psychics and witches are unlikely to disperse their talents on
any scientific tests, shows and contests, especially for
extracts from this material benefit. So this event,
as many similar previous ones, will suffer a fiasco – to the joy
orthodox scholar. But … so the world is arranged, by the way, today’s
The Germans study proves theatrical perfectly
production of such TV shows as “The Battle of Psychics” and
them …

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