Asteroid “Florence” flew past the Earth,enriching scientists with new information about space

The huge asteroid “Florence” with a diameter of 4.4 kilometers
safely passed our planet at a distance of 7 million

Interest among astronomers this comic object aroused in the first
turn its size because it turned out to be the largest
asteroid ever approaching the earth at such a minimum
by cosmic standards the distance.

However, “Florence”, which scientists began to study more on approach
to Earth, surprised scientists and some of its other “surprises”.
For example, along the equator of the asteroid, astronomers have seen
a ridge, as well as a crater and two plains. In addition, it is determined that
the asteroid makes a turn around its axis in 2.4 hours. But not even that.
It was the most interesting and exciting. As it turned out, “Florence”
possessed two … satellites. The diameter of these fellow travelers did not exceed 300
meters, but they were closely associated with their “mother”, flying
in outer space with the same speed and indifference to
everything around them, for example, to the fact that they are so intently
Scientists are observing from the blue planet Earth.

By the way, astronomers are still studying Florence,
which is gradually moving away from our planet without causing it
the slightest damage, however, enriching the researchers with new information about
space. So, we are waiting for additional interesting information about this.
�”Uninvited guest” …

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