Asteroid suspiciously similar to spaceship entered the solar system

For the first time in the modern history of astronomical observations in
An asteroid has appeared in the solar system that has flown to us from somewhere
from the outside. World ufologists immediately strained, and for good reason – this
space object suspiciously cigar-like
alien ship.

Supposedly this mysterious body is hundreds of millions of years old.
wandered between the stars before reaching our planetary
system. Is it a coincidence that the “asteroid” headed exactly here, where
is there a reasonable life?

Astronomers have already given the proposed asteroid a name – Oumuamua, which
translated from Hawaiian as “messenger.” I wonder why scientists
have you chosen such a name for it? Who was this “envoy”
sent, and where and why? According to the official version, speech
It is a dark red boulder about 400 meters long and wide
about 40, however, conspiracy therapists and UFO researchers are not too
believe such information. According to their data, an astronomical object
behaves too intelligently and as if he chooses his own trajectory
flight. The Pan-STARRS telescope system located in Hawaii
I caught this cosmic body on October 19, but only now
It has become the subject of discussion by the general public.

Estimated asteroid flies in space at a speed of 95 thousand
kilometers per hour, and scientists have determined from its path that he
moves to us from the star Vega, located in 25 light years
from the earth. However, simple astronomical calculations speak of
that when Oumuamua began his journey, Vega was located
in a completely different place. It looks like either academic people
trying to mislead us, either Oumuamua really
flies toward us from the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, making
in space a huge hook completely impossible for the ordinary
asteroid. And then it may well be an interstellar wanderer
artificial origin …

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