Asteroid Vest and his riddles

On the danger of the asteroid Vesta, we are not talking in this article.
We will, because, as Anatoly Zaitsev once said –
Director General of the Russian “Center for Planetary Protection”, this
the celestial body is not a threat to earthlings.

Let this be periodically remembered when approaching Vesta with
Earth, when the asteroid is clearly visible even with the naked eye, and
his danger again “creeps out” on the main pages of newspapers and
Internet resources (see video).

But more interesting is the asteroid Vesta has become after the probe Dawn
as close as possible to this heavenly body and made a number
shots, a few puzzled astronomers. For example, before the mission
�”Don” (Dawn) scientists believed that on this huge space
the lump, the largest of the main asteroid belt between Mars and
Jupiter (the asteroid has 576 kilometers in diameter),
a series of craters from collisions with other space
objects. However, the images showed that the craters are connected
each other in a surprising way – according to the principle of “snowmen”,
moreover – they occurred, as researchers now believe,
far from a collision with meteorites, but for some other reason, while
totally incomprehensible.

Moreover, at Dawn the Dawn probe also photographed at least
mysterious long gutters encircling the asteroid at the equator.
This is not observed anymore on any asteroid, but because scientists
concluded that the “craters” and these fantastic “channels” –
artificial origin. Who and when built them, for what
goals – no one knows.

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