Astronauts with the ISS captured the shipaliens flying to Earth

Well-known team of ufologists and conspirologists “Secure Team”
convinced that the astronauts on board the International
space station, hide from us something incredibly important. A business
in the fact that the astronomers recently laid out in the World Wide Web
amazing videotaped by them from the orbital station and on
this video clearly imprinted mysterious luminous object
approaching our planet.

Representatives from NASA immediately stated that it was certainly
a meteor burned in the earth’s atmosphere, but researchers at UFO and
conspiracy theories don’t believe that much. According to them, Italian
cosmonaut Paolo Nespoli accidentally captured on camera
UFOs and hurried to post the resulting video to the Internet, not really
looking at it is a clear puncture. Now, when the material with
the alleged alien ship hit the Net, NASA manual
was forced to come up with a false explanation of what happened. If a
believing the experts, this is a very common practice for NASA,
already become the talk of the town.

Representatives of the American aeronautical department
report that the object was flying at a speed of about 130 kilometers per hour,
as befits a meteor. However, ufologists carefully
analyzed the record and came to the conclusion that the speed
UFO was much smaller – like a spacecraft. The specialists
�“Secure Team” intends to ensure that the truth about this and
NASA’s many other materials were open to anyone
interested in life outside the Earth.

Impenetrable obstinacy of leadership remains unclear
American Aerospace Agency, which is even
officially recognized the presence on the planet of aliens,
continues to do everything possible to prove the opposite. This
inconsistency, like all other US policies based on
lies and double standards, increasingly annoying the world
public. And independent researchers surrounding our
of the world – first of all …

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