Astronomer claims that Saturn emits inspace incomprehensible “laser” rays

Amateur astronomer Paula Gilly watches the stars and space in
Overall most of your life. A woman has often seen different
anomalies in the infinite space of the universe, but what
caught her eyes on September 11 of this year, it turned out the most
amazing and inexplicable phenomenon of all she has seen.

Our heroine tells what set up at 7 pm
telescope, as always, not forgetting to connect a camera to it. According to
according to Paula, she captures her activities in this way
in the video so that in case something remarkable is found
be able to demonstrate this to others and users
Internet networks, do not be unfounded in their small
astronomical discoveries.

So that night, Gilly decided to look at Saturn. Already later
a few minutes of observation in the eyepiece of the telescope the enthusiast realized
that there was something wrong with the gas giant. However, the astronomer
I could not determine the deviation from the norm with the naked eye.
It was then that her video came to the rescue.

Paula added a video clip of contrast and saturation in the video editor,
then suddenly made a startling discovery. It turns out
that Saturn emitted strangely intense rays of red and
blue shades, suspiciously similar to the laser! Turning on
the entry below, you can see this mysterious
spectacle with my own eyes.

Ufologists, familiarized with the intriguing shots of Gilley, put forward
the assumption that on the second largest planet of the solar system
Reasonable creatures dwell, significantly advancing in the development of our
civilization. They may use a laser or some other
radiation to communicate with the inhabitants of other celestial bodies. Or maybe,
�”Green men” attacked anyone outside their home
(your base)? In any case, many independent
the researchers, it is clearly artificial rays, the origin of which
one can only guess by building all sorts of theories. And the truth is, how
always, somewhere near …

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