Astronomer discovered on the moon a huge flashingLight source

The German amateur astronomer, who wished to remain anonymous,
considered on the evening of July 27 the full red moon and unexpectedly
discovered something completely strange on the surface of the natural
Earth satellite. According to the amazed author of the find, approximately
половине девятого на Селене загорелся таинственный Light source,
whose diameter was supposed to be many hundreds of kilometers.

Further, the reddish emitter began to flash, as if some
incredible flashing light. Fortunately, the witness did not fail
capture seen on a powerful camera. Turning on the one below
video, you can witness an amazing anomaly with your own eyes.
The German admits that he has no idea what caused the mysterious
the glow, however, assures that we have before us something that goes beyond
ordinary. Here is what the astronomer says:

I’ve never seen anything like it before, although almost
I have been examining the Moon daily for 13 years now. I showed
This is a video of some of the Internet specialists, and they piled me down.
by various theories, from fairly plausible to just
fantastic. For example, someone wrote to me that it’s all the fault
surely the shooting artifact caused by the refraction of the reflected from
Moons of sunlight. Well, there is a certain logic in it. BUT
other experts, among whom were many ufologists, became
talk about aliens on the moon and in this believe me where
more difficult. However, I myself, alas, can not find what happened
any rational explanation.

BUT как по-вашему, чем в этот раз нас «порадовала» Луна? Is it really
ufologists are right in that Selena is a huge alien
ship artificial base? In this case, she can really
blink and wink, and it should not be a secret for a long time
для мировых космических агентств, скажем, НBUTСBUT. Is it because
Луну вот уже полвека никто (ни СШBUT, ни Россия) даже и не пытается
fly off? ..

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