Astronomer filmed flying near the moonsomething like a spaceship

September 24 this year, English amateur astronomer Jason
Callum from Braknell was shooting through the telescope with the camera Moon and
unexpectedly captured something amazing in two videos. On the background
natural satellite of the Earth unexpectedly swept oval black
object suspiciously similar to a futuristic spaceship
alien origin. Mysterious video already commented
many well-known experts, including the Taiwanese ufologist Scott

According to the researcher, it is definitely a cosmic
ship representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Say, the moon looks like
empty and lifeless only on the surface, but inside Selena
is a giant base of “green men”, incomparably
ahead of humanity in development. Only occasionally activity
hiding humanoids gets in our eyes: when aliens
leave the moon or fly back to her. Callum, they say
accidentally caught in the camera lens just one of these

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