Astronomers accuse NASA of falsifyingasteroid information

Many people know that the US National Space
Agency ufologists are constantly accused of concealing information about
aliens. However, everything is clear: they believe in aliens
not all the inhabitants of the earth, and therefore, according to NASA employees, not
It is worth sowing panic among the world’s population.

But the existence of asteroids is an absolute fact, which
known today, perhaps even to a preschooler. Not looking it now
NASA has also been criticized by amateur astronomers who
suspected that the agency is engaged in falsification of data and about
�“Small planets” capable of falling on our “blue ball”.
Perhaps now the townsfolk will begin to listen to the words
ufologists, once it turned out that NASA manages to deceive us in everything
– even within the framework of generally accepted science (not to mention flights
Americans on the moon, the Martian “Chronicles” and other space

Thousands of asteroids fly daily near the Earth, and despite
that the chances of a large celestial body colliding with our
the planet is very small, they still exist. Besides
an asteroid need not be colossal to represent
threat to humanity. Even a lump of dimensions with a one-story house
may, entering the atmosphere, provide as much energy as
decent nuclear bomb. Therefore, NASA scientists are engaged in
tracking asteroids and calculating the probability of their collision with
Ground Just now it turned out that American experts
most likely, they are doing this work only for a “C grade”, if
not worse yet …

Mistakes or conscious falsification?

A group of non-professional astronomers held their own
investigation and determined that NASA is either studying near-earth
asteroids are wrong, or hide the whole truth from the public
about the threat of these “space guests” for all life on the planet. WITH
such a statement was made, for example, by a former employee of the famous
Microsoft Corporation Nayten Mirvold. According to the researcher and
его коллег, НАWITHА испытывает значительные проблемы с методологией и
conducts incorrect calculations of the motion of asteroids near the Earth. Wherein
the agency is actively compiling a large database used by
by thousands of scientists around the world.

In addition, Mirvold proves that the agency is shamelessly
falsifies information about asteroids, making changes to
the results of their observations so that they
соответствовали выводам ученых НАWITHА, а не истине. First over
Mirwold laughed, but lately even in the American
experts began to appear in the national space agency
agree with naytenom. So, planetary scientist Amy Meizner recently
publicly declared that the outsider in the person of the ex-employee
�Microsoft provided invaluable assistance to science by unbiasedly checking
данные НАWITHА, касающиеся подлетающих к Земле опасных астероидов.

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