Astronomers again caught the mysterious signals fromspace

Astronomers report that 3 billion light years away
�”Woke up” a mysterious source of fast radio bursts “FRB

Of course, scientists exaggerate: 15 mysterious signals, each
lasting about 300 microseconds, went into space
3 billion years ago, when our planet was very young,
and talking about them is in retrospect. However, people of science are not
able to explain the nature of these single radio pulses. there is
all reason to believe that they were sent reasonable

The largest telescopes of the Earth for a decade periodically
fix a series of fast radio bursts, the sources of which
impossible to determine. These brief impulses carry tremendous energy.
and have a clear sequence, which is why many specialists
They talk about their artificial origin. However, more
skeptical scholars suggest that all the fault can
be neutron stars, evaporating black holes, active nuclei
dwarf galaxies and other astronomical objects. But say with
the accuracy of what it is, explain this cosmic phenomenon beyond
�”Assumptions”, no one can yet.

The study of fast radio bursts is made difficult by the fact that they are very
unpredictable and short-lived. The incident was only the 25th
за всю историю наблюдения человеком space. Monitoring such
Signals are engaged today by experts from many countries, including
astronomers in west virginia operating a 100-meter
parabolic radio telescope “Green Bank”. The main purpose of this
project – the search for alien life, and Americans are very
interested in deciphering such impulses.

It is noteworthy that the mysterious signals sent in the distant
past “FRB 121102” and recorded by experts the other day, have
twice the frequency of bursts than their predecessors. Not
It is possible that this will make it easier for scientists to observe these flashes.
and allow, finally, to know their true source.

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