Astronomers criticized “disco ball” launchedto space

Eminent astronomers criticized the New Zealand startup “Rocket”
Lab “for the secret launch of January 21 into the orbit of our planet
unusual aircraft. Passive Geodetic Satellite
�”Humanity Star”, having a diameter of about 1 meter and a weight of about 8
kilograms, is a mirror polyhedron and looks like
big disco ball. The satellite is made of carbon fiber and has
65 highly reflective panels.

�”Humanity Star” now reflects the sun’s rays to Earth.
The device will be visible at different times from all over the world. it
will be the brightest, in addition to the moon, the light on the night sky in
for 9 months until the satellite burns in the atmosphere. According to
�”Rocket Lab”, their offspring is intended to remind mankind what
small and unstable place we occupy in the universe as well
give something to earthlings that you can enjoy at night
Each of them.

However, most of the world’s astrophysicists felt that
New Zealanders did them a disservice. They claim that
light pollution of the sky is already a big problem
making it difficult for scientists to observe the stars. Thus glowing
�A “disco ball” flying in orbit will further aggravate them
the situation. Professor Richard Easter from the University of Auckland reported
to journalists that the launch of one highly reflective satellite of course
will not be a tragedy, however if it turns into a normal
practice, and also on a growing scale of fashion (since this is no longer
first experience of such a plan), then with such startups will have
fight at the level of the law.

Many scientists have called “Humanity Star” space graffiti,
space junk, a huge strobe in the background of the constellations and
other unflattering names. People of science consider the project “Rocket Lab”
big arrogance and stupidity. Whether astronomers are angry because
that the conclusion of the satellite beacon was not agreed with anyone, or this
light point in the night sky will really disturb them
work. There were, by the way, and such experts who said that
There is nothing wrong with launching Humanity Star. Say, satellite up
the end of the year he goes out himself, and he will fly over any point
the planets are very fast. In addition, and debris in earth orbit from
he will not …

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