Astronomers: Destructive Solar Expectedsuper flash

In the next century, the Earth may suffer an unprecedented disaster.
Astronomers expect an incredibly intense solar flare, which
will cause great damage to our planet.

Scientists believe that the atmosphere of the Sun will explode
a process by which colossal amounts will be allocated
energy. Because of this, around the world power systems will fail,
satellites will be damaged, the Internet will stop working, mobile communication
and so on and so forth, that will instantly cast off humanity
straight to the medieval existence.

Experts from Harvard University have long been talking about
that solar superflips are able to increase the brightness of the luminaries on
third and destroy the entire ozone layer on our “blue ball”.
Such a catastrophe will certainly lead to multi-million
human victims. Some scientists even predict death
The sun According to their forecasts, the star shell will explode, and in
space will be thrown out as much energy as allocated
luminaries many tens of millennia. After that, as it is not difficult
guess there won’t even be a single bacterium on Earth.

The sun, by the way, is not the only star on which
super-flashes happen. Scientists note that on some luminaries
of a similar type, much more powerful explosions occur. So, 158 years
back geomagnetic storm of the year led to the fact that throughout the world,
even in the tropics, auroras were observed, and in Europe and the North
America is out of order telegraph communication. Some operators
The telegraph even suffered electric shock.

Then mankind was saved only by the fact that it was not so
strongly developed technically, as it is now, and therefore suffered as
it says at a minimum. Happen this in our time – and society
doomed to a universal catastrophe. Practically it will be
Apocalypse, which cleans the Earth from man-made garbage,
destroying the planet more and more. According to the theory that everything
the planets, including the sun, have a mind like this
our civilization can be drastically modernized and
directed in a different, for example, biogenic way of development …

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