Astronomers have recorded a ship that flew inour system from the constellation Lyra

American scientists using the automatic telescope
�“Pan-STARRS 1” with penetration to the 22nd magnitude,
fixed a mysterious object that flew into our planetary
system by the constellation Lyra. Experts still can not
define what it is.

Preliminary observations have shown that it is an asteroid, however
then astronomers changed their minds and thought that it was a question of
a first-time interstellar comet. Ufologists are not
agree with such scientific conclusions and in turn
claim to be the real intergalactic ship
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization for an unknown reason
visited the solar system and then flew off somewhere

An incomprehensible object, called “A / 2017 U1”, leaves in
The present moment is the solar system. It was discovered by the American
observatory October 18th. Alleged celestial body has already gone round
The sun and flew back, passing our planet on October 14. By
expert estimates, the diameter of the mysterious object is
about 400 meters. Its speed exceeds 26 kilometers
give me a sec. Will he ever return to the solar system, no one
able to say.

Astronomers report that they have never seen a comet that flew in.
from outside our planetary system. However, ufologists
insist that it is not a comet or an asteroid at all.
The object’s intelligent flight path indicates that it is
chooses his own way. Any comet or asteroid
there are no signs of him either. Maybe they came here
aliens who needed something from our star in their
long intergalactic journey, for example, recharge your
ship energy?

However, even if it was such a landmark event, it is naive
hope that NASA and the mighty of this world will want to tell the world
public the whole truth about what happened.

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