Astronomers have seen a giant alienstation in space

This fantastic news for two years, but that
astronomical sensations and today know quite a few,
because, firstly, there is no direct evidence of this
surprising discoveries, and secondly, even with undeniable facts
such a “turn of affairs”, none of the academic institutions of the world
will immediately revise the established theory of origin
The universe, our solar system and so on, that is of all that
what we “know and think” about large space and the spread in it
intelligent life.

What happened in 2016 is this: astronomers considering space
gave to the famous Kepler telescope (in search of exoplanets, on which
there is similar to earthly life), suddenly in the constellation Cygnus discovered
a giant object that didn’t look like a star by parameters
nor on the planet. On the background of the “local sun” under the code name
Is-8462852 sailed some mysterious structure clearly
artificial origin. And this object was 20 times
larger than our giant Jupiter. Who could create something like that
astronomers of the world were amazed?

As suggested by independent researchers, for example,
American theoretical physicist Freeman John Dyson (by the way, this year
this heretic scientist, as his colleagues sometimes call him, is executed
95 years), the detected object may be a giant space
power plant, the creation of which must come
highly developed civilization.

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