Astronomers suddenly noticed: disappear in spacehuge asteroids

Astronomers in shock: they suddenly discovered that in space
began to disappear without a trace asteroids, and very large,
observations of which are conducted sometimes for decades.

So, the asteroid codenamed 1995 SN55 has a size of 300
meters, for such a huge cosmic lump of astronomers intently
observed since 1995. And a few weeks ago this asteroid
simply disappeared, as if evaporated or burned. Here is what he writes about it.
about the publication of “Russian dialogue”:

From a scientific point of view, this is a rather strange phenomenon. Before
than to make such a sensational statement, scientists like
they say, they checked and rechecked the data a thousand times, looked through
the trajectories of hundreds of cosmic bodies, but the asteroid 1995 SN55 never

However, this is not an isolated case of the disappearance of asteroids, and
large, which astronomers have identified as potentially dangerous for
of our planet, and then space objects disappeared somewhere. Behind
the last decades, scientists say, evaporated approximately
130 similar asteroids.

In almost all cases, astronomers blamed it all on
errors in the calculations of the motion paths of the detected objects, and that
Now, some researchers believe that the asteroid
1995 SN55 was not there. However, the current case claims
most space scientists are special because
1995 SN55 is not only fixed, but well studied by many
by astronomers from different countries of the world, and therefore mistakes are simply
can not be.

Hence, scientists have made today such a conclusion – asteroids, even
very huge, for some reason disappear without a trace in space. BUT
since a scientific explanation for this, except for dumping everything on
errors in the calculations, no, the scientists face a serious task –
find the cause or causes of the disappearance of asteroids in space …

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