Astronomers: the stars are flat andpumpkin-shaped

For the inhabitants, of which the majority on Earth, any star in the sky –
little round sun. Small, because far, so we
taught in school, and round – in space, everything is round. And although we
This is not particularly taught, but for some reason we all know this very well.

However, according to astronomers, stars can have completely
other, unusual forms. For example, the brightest in the foreseeable for us
space, the star Regulus (Leo) has edges – something
like we see a pumpkin. Here is an interesting similarity with
autumn garden beauty.

And the star of P5 Orion is even more interesting in its structure: it
double, and each half of it is a triaxial ellipsoid. Or
Take the star Alpha Eridani Achernar, which, as scientists say,
rotates at such an amazing speed that its polar diameter
fifty percent less than equatorial. It is practically
a flat star, with the flattest visible universe.

By the way, this star is still so bright that it can be observed
with the naked eye, however, only residents of the southern hemisphere. WITH
the territory of Russia, unfortunately, you will not see it in a telescope …

… Yeah, supporters of the flat Earth theory are happy, so can
Be a star in the form of cakes! And if so, why not?
a flat planet? ..

Really, astronomers let it slip and gave an extra reason to warm up
This completely absurd (at first glance) theme – flat Earth?
WITHамое удивительное в том, что сторонники этой теории очень
reasonably prove their case, and in this they are great
помогает американское агентство НАWITHА, которое постоянно лжет и
is engaged in all sorts of hoaxes, say, the same flights
astronauts to the moon, an incomprehensible explosion in the 1986 space shuttle
�”Challenger”, although almost all of his “dead” astronauts still
alive, and so on. And once he had lied, as is known, he no longer
credible in anything …

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