Astronomers urge to destroy messagesaliens without decoding

A group of American and German astronomers made a very
an unexpected statement. Space Explorers claim that
If humanity suddenly begins to receive messages from
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, such messages should
immediately destroy without decoding.

According to scientists, there is almost no chance that the message
from aliens will turn out to be a blessing for us, regardless of their
content. Humanity can be in great danger if
will begin to “correspond” with the aliens or just read them
�”Letters” without replying.

Astronomers say that the message from the “green men”
may be in the form of a radio signal or an alien artifact.
The information contained in them, as experts believe, with a huge
likely to be malicious. Let’s say the aliens will
threaten us with the destruction of the earth. Regardless of the false
it is a threat or not, an unprecedented panic will begin in society. If
the message will be great and tell us what is happening
far beyond our “blue ball”, such a discovery can
have a demoralizing effect on global human culture.
As an example, the Americans and Germans cite the Bible, which, like
it is believed to have contributed significantly to the fall of the Roman

What if the aliens stop all of our computers?

An article published by the researchers also states that
The binary code sent by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization can
prove to be a complex computer virus that is lightning fast
spread across the web and disable most
electronic devices on our planet, thereby triggering a real
catastrophe. Just imagine what starts here without a connection,
banking and high technology.

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