Astrophysicist Michio Kaku told about the Divinethe matrix and aliens in the form of octopuses

Japanese American astrophysicist Michio Kaku in
Recently, it has been making a lot of loud statements, and being
simultaneously ufologist and researcher of paranormal phenomena, he
talks about such things that orthodox science is trying to
keep quiet

For example, the other day a theoretical physicist stated that he found
proof of the existence of God is elementary particles
semi-radial tachyons, of which everything is built in this universe.
And God’s peace itself is the same matrix, only it does not govern
some kind of super powerful computer, and the Most High, so in this matrix
everything is subject to certain laws established by this
universal and omnipotent Mind.

Therefore, intelligent (divine) life exists everywhere in
of this vast universe. Moreover, said Michio Kaku, we
in vain we think that aliens must necessarily resemble
us. They can look anything, for example, like octopuses with
many tentacles and eyes. Approximately described them in his
science fiction novel “War of the Worlds” Herbert George Wells, who
He was far from just a writer, but a great seer. That’s just
these “octopus” do not have to be aggressive and dangerous
for earthlings, rather the opposite, since in the Divine matrix reign
Love and Harmony …

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