At Lake Michigan in the USA, a hugea cloud resembling a tsunami

Michigan Freshwater Lake being the only Great
the lake, which is located entirely in the United States, chained to
Days of attention of specialists and ordinary citizens. April 13,
At about 12:30 pm, an unusual, enormous
a cloud resembling a tsunami. However, it was not yet

At the same time in the lake began to rise rapidly
water level. In just 42 minutes the water rose by more than 35
centimeters! The last time such a high rate was observed
here on November 10, 1975, when in another Great Lake, Upper,
cargo ship “Edmund Fitzgerald” sank.

However, then it was a major accident. However what made
water level in Lake Michigan instantly rise last friday?
Where did the strange, wave-like cloud come from? Are these related
two phenomena somehow among themselves?

Specialists in the field of supernatural anomalies are trying
define it at the moment. There are many assumptions, but they are all
based only on conjectures, for example, that this anomaly could
generate Russian climatic weapons (however, the United States also has
they, supporters of the global conspiracy, and this “weapon”
so still imperfect that the consequences of its use can
be the most unpredictable).

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