At the bottom of the lake and suddenly – a monument to the mysticalserial killer

Amateur divers, recently descended into the American lake
Minnesota Lake made an unexpected discovery underwater
at first even frightened them. Down in the dark depths, divers in
at some point they saw in the light of the lanterns a famous serial killer
Jason Voorhees! True, they quickly realized that it was only
a statue of a fictional maniac, unknown to whom and why built and
sunk to the bottom of the lake.

Jason Voorhees is the main villain of the popular American
Friday, the 13th horror movie series. This is a tall invincible
zombie wearing an old hockey mask and using as
machete murder weapon. Jason, the plot of the film, was ugly
a child who, at the age of 11, accidentally drowned in a lake
near the camp “Crystal Lake”. Being dead, Voorhees
not only matured, but also began to brutally kill people, periodically
emerging from the water and attacking the camp counselors. In a word,
see a ominous figure at the bottom of the reservoir is certainly not
too nice

Памятник вымышленному serial killer с цепью на шее находится
at a depth of 37 meters. The two-meter statue is made very skillfully and
almost indistinguishable from the ghost maniac who can be seen in
movie. Obviously, the author of the sculpture is a fan
cult film series, who wished that about his brainchild learn exactly
just like it happened – quite by accident. Not out
that this underwater monument will soon become a popular
divers sight.

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