At the bottom of the Mariana trench filmed 100-tonprehistoric shark

According to foreign cryptozoologists, they got
documentary evidence that prehistoric
megalodon shark lived to this day. Megalodon that existed
5-20 million years ago and extinct in the Late Pliocene (according to
official scientific data), is considered one of the largest
aquatic predators that ever existed on Earth. The weight of these fish
reached 100 tons!

And one such giant, according to alternative
researchers captured in the deepest point of the oceans.
Cryptozoologists report that the following frames were obtained
not so long ago in the Mariana Trench by Japanese marine biologists.
Scientists, they say, installed a 10-meter cage at the bottom of the ocean
bait, and near it – a pressure-resistant video camera
and a lantern anchored.

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