At the epicenter of the cyclone “Harvey” noticed a UFO

Active tropical cyclone “Harvey”, swept by
southeastern Texas has stabbed the United States
damage. As in the case of any other major disaster, steel
various alternative theories about nature appear

Some believe that it was the result of using against
US climate weapons Russia or China. Others believe that
All the fault were representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization who decided
to teach Americans a lesson for their dismissive attitude
to the rest of the world except the USA.

The alien hypothesis has recently received an unexpected
confirmation when NASA’s meteorological satellites observing
on a raging cyclone, spotted something weird right in the middle
hurricane. In the storm whirlwind the bright unidentified clearly appeared.
large flying object. World ufologists immediately stated
that we are talking about “flying saucer”, since not a single airborne
a vessel built by people would not be able to fly into the epicenter of a tornado.
Meanwhile, the UFO recorded by the electronics of the American
The national space agency, apparently, did not test
никаких проблем, перемещаясь внутри hurricane.

Many researchers of the “green men” decided that “Harvey” in
was actually caused by aliens, and aliens used their
climate weapon to attack North America. If this
indeed, according to ufologists, humanity can already
start panicking because aliens will surely be able to
destroy all mankind with their meteorological weapons if
wish it. To oppose anything like this fantastic
technology, our civilization is clearly not able to.

As for skeptics who have read the following
video, they assume that a certain
natural phenomenon. And nothing more. And all the talk about some
the artificial causes of this element are nothing more than the delirium of madmen.
What is more important now is that “Harvey” has affected not only peaceful
residents, but also destroyed or put on the brink of a possible disaster
Texas Chemical and Bacteriological Objects …

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