At the funeral of Stephen Hawking invitedtravelers from the future

March 14 this year, died in the 77th year of his life the famous
English cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who has
significant influence on the scientific views of millions of people on Earth.
Now it became known that the memorial service for the scientist will be held 15
June in Westminster Abbey.

The ashes of a cremated Briton will be scattered on the graves of two others.
Geniuses of science: Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. However it is not yet
everything. Hawking, always distinguished by ingenuity, sense of humor
and believing in the most incredible, I decided to diversify in an unusual way
even your own funeral.

At the request of the deceased his children will play a thousand free
tickets to attend a commemoration physicist. Applicants wishing
to attend this event, you need, besides everything
Other, specify the date of your birth. Attentive fans
Hawking immediately noticed something curious about this.

It turns out that the participants of this drawing can indicate the date
until December 31, 2038 inclusive, and this is by no means a mistake.
It turns out that the funeral of Stephen Hawking theoretically can visit
time travelers who come today from the near
of the future. Obviously, this is exactly what he expected during his lifetime.

Note that this is not the first such attempt by an Englishman.
встретиться с гостями из of the future. In 2009, Hawking organized
a party for time travelers to which
invited everyone … only a day after the
celebrations. As you might guess, the researcher realized that his
the idea failed, even before publicly declared
holding such an unusual meeting.

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