Atakamsky humanoid recognized mutant, and notalien

When in 2003, in the Chilean Atacama Desert, they discovered
The 15 centimeter mummy, not too human-like, is
made a lot of noise.

The remains with a long skull and 10 pairs of ribs (and not 12, as in
each of us) have been recognized by many alien mummy.
Atakamsky humanoid, as journalists called him, has become a real
a sensation, but only now scientists were able to analyze it
DNA and conclude on the nature of the intended

As expected, the people of science concluded that it was no
not a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization. According to experts,
it’s about a 6-8 year old girl with an unprecedented genetic
deviations. According to Stanford staff
University, the child suffered from dwarfism and numerous
other abnormalities in physical development. Experts before
suggested that we can talk about a mutant, but they said
that it is a miscarriage or a dead baby.

The fact that the mysterious girl lived for several years is
a real miracle, to say the least. It turned out even more surprising
the fact that baby Ata (the name given to a little mummy American
scientists) did not live in the days of the Indians, as one might think, but
only about 40 years ago. Genetics who conducted the study
were amazed at such results. They identified as many as 64
mutations of several genes, and some of them were previously not
known official science.

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