Attention: in the sky UFO

Unfortunately, when people encounter a UFO, no one anyone advance
does not warn about it. And because sometimes the smartphone in your pocket,
which still needs to be adjusted on shooting, and an obvious confusion from
such a meeting, since the “flying saucers” scurry over our
heads much less often than birds, not to mention doubts: a
What is it in the sky at all?

UFO over Jamaica

It is exactly how the UFO described its encounter with the mysterious
a heavenly phenomenon by Stony Will, who was driving by car in the county
(parish) St. Ann of Jamaica and suddenly saw in the clouds whether it is strange
the sun is making its way, or something else – in any case, it’s
interested man and he eventually tried to take it off
on video.

How well he succeeded – judge for yourself (see
video), however, does not hurt to read the comment

It happened on January 25th, I noticed a strange ring of lights,
making their way through the clouds. Like rays from the sun, but why so
strange? As if these rays bend around a disk, hiding in themselves
the clouds. I was surprised by this and even somehow got excited, quickly
pulled out a smartphone and tried to remove this miracle. It turned out of course
not a very high quality video, but I’m sure this is a UFO. If a little
increase the size of the object on the computer, but the outlines are clearly visible
this apparatus. �The “flying saucer” of aliens was clearly hiding in
clouds, but at some point it was lit by the rays of the setting
sun and “opened.” That’s what I noticed …

UFO over Ireland

On the Reddit forum the other day there was a message from the user
fresh_vegetable, which claims that in the sky over Dublin he
I saw a UFO when I was driving along one of the leading highways of Ireland.
Since no one also warned him about such a “piquant”
the meeting, the man was confused and managed to take only a photo, perhaps
not very impressive in content.

The fact is, the Irishman explains, that at first I thought,
that this is a star, but it suddenly began to move quickly across the sky,
then flashed brightly and disappeared. Of course, I immediately, as UFO became
move, hurried to get a smartphone to capture it all.
But … he managed to take only a few shots – for more, as
the saying goes, not enough time and composure: a little
confused …

Some forum users thought it was just north.
radiance, which in these parts is a common occurrence. Fortunately for
fresh_vegetable, it’s a UFO shot over Dublin by another Irishman,
and from a different angle, why doubts about the ship
the aliens were dispelled. Authors want to send pictures from UFO
famous ufologist Scott Waring to give these materials
your professional assessment.

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