Attractive and mysterious poodlemole

Венесуэльская пудельная mole, или mole-пудель, – в самом деле
something fantastic, weird and charming because the butterfly
at the same time admires and puzzles – what is it?
A small creature with black eyes bulging and mustache-brows, to
to the same “dressed” in a fluffy fur coat of a snow-white poodle – from here and
The name of this cute and mysterious creature.

Удивительно привлекательная пудельная mole своим внешним видом
начисто опровергает избитую фразу «невзрачная как mole» – еще какая
the master! Just charming! Это самая красивая mole на нашей
the planet!

This beauty was discovered by a German photographer
macro photography, Arthur Anker, bumping into her at the National
Canaima Venezuela Park in 2009. Taking a few pictures of this
mysterious butterflies, Arthur, returning home, posted them on the Web
the Internet and the photos instantly became viral, they liked them so much
to people.

But not only the World Wide Web regulars paid attention to
pictures of unusual butterflies, they were immediately noticed and biologists. how
оказалось, эта необычная mole еще неизвестна науке. However, in this
no wonder there are still many unexplored on our planet
even on substance, not to mention the ocean.

Белоснежный пушистая mole, в конечном счете, получила название
�”Poodle” because her “coat” really looks like wool
white poodle. Почему именно mole? Scientists believe that this cute
the butterfly is related to the beast-bear, too
пушистенькой moleю, правда у той белый пушок лишь на голове.

The mystery for scientists is this: why a moth poodle,
which lives only in warm Venezuela, so warm fur coat? For
This, of course, you need to explore this mysterious fairy in more detail,
However, if we turn to the Internet, we will not find
no information. Неужели биологи не сумели найти mole-пудель, а
Arthur Anker himself photographed this glamor somewhere in
parallel world? Photographed without even noticing that
a moment fell into another reality? Anything can happen …

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