Australia crashedUFO?

On the thirdphaseofmoon YouTube video hosting as part of live
broadcast loaded video footage regarding the intended
UFO crashes in the forests of Australia.

In a video that quickly became viral on the Internet,
demonstrates the moment when ufologists interview a person
who claims he got pictures from his friend,
proving: some mysterious device crashed in Australia,
most likely of extraterrestrial origin.

Mark Johnson himself, who provided these unique pictures
Channel thirdphaseofmoon, says the following:

It all looks too impressive, but it’s just that.
alarming – is it a fake? However, when any of us encounters
a forest with something similar, he will think exactly the same thing – what is it
crashed ufo.

Information about crashed alien ships is always
sensation. First, the UFO is broken very rarely, and secondly, it
immediately taken under the control of military and government forces
structures. Thirdly, even old materials about similar wrecks
enjoy a heightened interest, which speaks in favor of the theory: they are not
so much if they really exist at all. And here…

In general, get acquainted with the video yourself and draw conclusions.
Knowledge of English in this case does not hurt, although today it is
no longer critical …

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