Australia found the headquarters of the omnipotentIlluminati

Illuminati, if you believe the conspiracy, almighty and very dangerous
for humanity as a whole. This Masonic grouping, they say, secretly
controls the whole world, including starting wars, revolutions,
arranges epidemics and pits people against each other. Now
proponents of conspiracy theories unexpectedly stated that they succeeded
find the intended headquarters of these puppeteers, and is located
supposedly she’s in the Australian capital. It is from there, according to
world conspiracy, this parasitic elite rules the planet.

We are talking about the Parliamentary House of Australia, as well as adjacent to
him territory. These constructions, as reported by conspiracy therapists, have
hidden symbolism and fold into a huge triangle with an eye
внутри — известнейший символ Illuminati. Authors of this amazing
the finds used satellite images of Canberra to carefully
examine the view of the australian parliament from above.

The Capitol building itself and the infrastructure around it represent
one large “all-seeing eye” when viewed from a height
bird’s eye view. �”All-seeing eye” symbolizes unlimited power
Masons and their constant surveillance of the uninitiated. Even at the very
Parliament House is a glass pyramid in which
a certain angle you can see something like a human

Skeptics, having become acquainted with the discovery of wanderers of the world
conspiracy, argue that this is supposedly only paradolicheskaya
illusion, however, alternative researchers, and even from among
eminent scientists (we will keep names in secret), do not believe in such
major matches. Specialists in the field of occult and
esoteric knowledge also reported that in the artistic
interior design of the australian parliament building in general
there are countless Masonic symbols. For example,
the same pyramid with the “all-seeing eye” inscribed into it, which can be
found on the us dollar.

Теория Illuminati основывается на якобы существование в мире
almighty secret society that emerged in the early 18th century in
Munich It united various orders and brotherhoods of the mystical and
occult-philosophical sense. According to the official version, this
society has long been disbanded, but the conspiracy therapists, naturally,
believe it. Alternative researchers claim that only
мире имеется 6 тысяч Illuminati, обладающих огромными богатствами
and unlimited power. These include high-ranking
Russian citizens. To leave this society is impossible – when
one of his members dies, another is found in his place
politics, business, science or religion.

Well, maybe supporters of the global conspiracy are right if
judged by how unfair and terrible our world is, however that
gives and what changes the current discovery – the discovery of the headquarters
Illuminati? That is the question…

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