Australian Kerry Mystical DollWalton’s

This story began in Australia back in 1970. Resident of
the small town of Wagg-Wagg Kerry Walton that summer accidentally found
in the old building under the porch floorboards a puppet doll made
from wood.

The doll looked very strange, even ominous, because it had
glass eyes, hooked nose, was dressed in poisonous green
camisole – and generally looked like a terrible dwarf. Kerry even wanted
Immediately throw this nasty toy, but something stopped

To see the face of this doll is unpleasant even in the afternoon, the man says, and
at night – it’s all a nightmare. But, in spite of all this, I took the doll
home, as if by some influx. Although I was born in my head and
quite logical explanation: this is an old product, it should be
very valuable.

So, the mysterious doll soon appeared in the Walton orphanage. AND
immediately there began to occur mysterious events. Children who were
two of them started screaming at night, and the next morning the unthinkable
things, supposedly a dwarf doll, which by then was called Letta,
talking that her arms and legs are moving, turning

Mysterious doll somehow got accustomed to the family

In the following days, when Letta was removed from the nursery, already
adults noticed that the doll moves, moreover, near it
some kind of heavy atmosphere was created, which immediately spoiled
the mood, the head ached, the person became nauseated and so
Further. In addition, as Kerry’s husband noted, Letta’s facial expression
constantly changing, despite the fact that the head was made of

But especially negative reaction to the terrible doll, says
australian dogs They just barked when they saw her,
trying to reach and bite a strange figure.

Then Walton decided to show Letta to the local sorcerer, who
told that this doll was made two hundred years ago by a Romanian gypsy
after her son drowned. Gypsies believed that by
such a magical bauble can attract the spirit of a boy
which in this case will remain with the mother.

By the way, the magician noticed, the doll has human hair, and in her head
there is a part of the child, thanks to which his spirit may
still remains in this strange wooden craft.

After visiting the sorcerer, Kerry Walton wanted to part with such
�”Creepy toy”, but thanks to the doll, he suddenly … became popular,
He began to be invited to various TV shows. All this made Letta
a kind of family member, and no one
wanted to …

However, in recent years, Kerry tells
Walton, I have repeatedly and seriously tried to part with Letta, but … not
could Something constantly prevented me from doing this. Imagine that
однажды я очень нуждался в деньгах и потому через ANDнтернет нашел
a woman who agreed to buy from me a doll for $ 400.
But when I brought Letta to the designated address, I could not get it
her out of the car, some kind of unknown force pushed me out of
salon, until I mentally agreed to refuse the deal,
going with the doll back home.

The man claims that he is one hundred percent sure that if for this
he was even offered a doll a million dollars, he would not have been able to
sell it would not have been able to physically. Therefore letta still
�”Lives” in the house of Kerry. The owner himself jokingly calls her “the doll of
Hell ”, but this does not prevent him from being friends with her in his own way, showing
a clearly defined attachment that has arisen over the years. Judging by
throughout, Letta pays the man the same, so the chances of parting with them
both – almost zero …

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