Australian met with yovi and not veryscared of this meeting

Amazingly but semi-mythical snow man meets
almost everywhere, only in different parts of our planet,
naturally, it is called in its own way. In Australia, for example, the yeti
Name Yovi, but from this mysterious primate does not become less

The other day, for example, Yovi frightened a resident of the village of Nimbin that
located in New South Wales. According to the news publisher
Daily Mail, a woman went that evening along a country road through
forest, returning from a routine cricket training. At some point
she stopped and got out of the car – just to admire
by nature.

And suddenly she heard that someone was coming through the nearest bushes.
breaks in her direction. Not once or twice when faced with a similar
the situation, the Australian began to scream loudly, deciding in this way
scare away the wild beast. However, this beast, howling and grunting (by
at least, it is these sounds that the woman remembered), continued
approach the road.

The Australian jumped into the car in fright and even turned on the headlights
although the street was not yet dark, but only slightly dark. And then … she
I saw my “pursuer” – it was humanoid
a creature of enormous height (about two and a half meters) who
got out of the bushes and looked at the car with astonishment, swaying
slightly from side to side.

Yovi did not cause the Australian any problems, he just
some time paralyzed her mind, why the woman could not even
start the car and drive off. Then australian snow
the man simply turned and went into the bushes again, as if realizing that
he frightens the defenseless man before him with his appearance.

That’s the whole story, but the very witness of this extraordinary
The events are what I wrote about my “fright”:

We all expect miracles, and when they happen to us, literally
not ready for that. You can arbitrarily laugh at my story
for example, saying that fear has big eyes or something like that,
but I was not just scared, I understood with my every cell
body, who is in front of me, and therefore came in great excitement
– whether fear, or delight. And yovi, it seemed to me
I understood that perfectly well, he turned around and … went home.

There is nothing special in this news, if not the main thing –
none of us are safe from seeing a snowman. But,
apparently, you shouldn’t be afraid of it: the yeti is not dangerous because –
intelligent, and, as a rule, mentally healthy and not suffering
desire to enrich themselves at the expense of the first comer …

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